Why it’s crucial to measure soil moisture

soil moisture

Why it’s crucial to measure soil moisture

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It is crucial to measure soil moisture. If you manage areas such as a golf course, sports fields or any large space that needs to have healthy grass, you cannot afford to leave this to chance. Keeping the grass green and succulent is after all the major part of the job!

For green keepers and turf professionals, measuring the soil moisture is crucial because without adequate moisture in the soil your green space will wither and die whereas too much water can damage growth. Irrigation is a precise science that goes further than simply setting off the sprinkler system which can be wasteful and costly.

soil moisture

When you measure the moisture in the soil accurately it can tell you exactly what is going on underground.

Soil moisture does not permeate the soil evenly. It will depend upon the type of landscape, the vegetation and it can vary a great deal from years to years. There is no fixed pattern. Just because you irrigate in one way one year it does not necessarily follow that your current irrigation pattern can be repeated every year.

Luckily the technology is available to help you get this right.

TDR Soil Moisture Meters better known as the Field Scout is well known to professional green keepers, farmers and turf managers. It can measure soil volumetric water content, electricity content and surface temperature.
Easy to use and fully integrated with Bluetooth, it enables you to store records as well as giving you updated information in real time. It can log up to 5000 measurements giving you the perfect overview of the land that you manage.
The TDR 350 is the latest model and is deceptively easy to use. Suitable for day time or night time use, it will enable you to make the right decisions about the way that you irrigate and when, before you have a problem. If you manage a premium grass area such as prestigious golf course or top class sports field, it is essential.
If your budget can’t stretch to the TDR 350, there are more economical models on the market such as the Economy Soil Moisture Tester.
This is a basic analogue soil moisture meter that will still do the job. It provides instant readings via the resistance sensor situated at the tip of the shaft and is simple to use.
This type of soil moisture tester will not store and collate the information for you but it does provide the basic information about whether you should irrigate now.
Whatever your needs, and with all the concerns about waste and climate change , measuring soil moisture certainly saves water , time and money as well as your precious green spaces.
The beauty of accurate soil moisture measurement is that it helps you hit the goldilocks zone of just right, leading to perfect green spaces whatever the weather.

Evidence suggests that this pattern can be affected by the microbes derived from vegetable matter in the soil. Other variables include the weather. The water in the soil helps regulate soil temperature and carries nutrients which your grass or other plants need for growth but it is impossible to judge this unless you get below the top soil to discover what is happening at root level.

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