What is irrigation and why is it so important?

irrigation benefits

What is irrigation and why is it so important?

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Irrigation has been around for millennia; it works well and offers owners of properties both large and small countless benefits. It’s become so affordable and efficient it is no longer just for commercial properties with large bank accounts either. Today, homeowners who care about their home and value a well-kept yard can access irrigation for an affordable price.

The Definition of Irrigation

Irrigation is the application of regulated amounts of water to plants when most needed. Plants cannot grow without water and sunlight as they stimulate photosynthesis.

Not many people are aware that over watering can compact soils, create shallow roots, and promote fungal growth. And under watering turns lush green to yellow and kills beneficial microbes. So what’s the perfect balance?

The Benefits of Irrigation

Irrigation benefits plants as it stimulates deep roots, encourages blossoms and leaves, and systematically cares for your plants.

Keeping your home’s yard watered and beautiful is labour-intensive, especially if you own a large property. You drag the hose and sprinkler from front to back. It’s inconvenient, and often the last thing you want to do after a long day.

Fortunately for property owners, a well-designed, properly installed and maintained irrigation system delivers the right amount of water automatically, without you even lifting a finger. An irrigation system may also increase the value of your home due to its water saving features.

Irrigation Conserves Water

Irrigation systems do a better job of watering your yard than hand hoses and sprinklers. Timers water lawns in the early morning to minimise evaporation, and they direct specific amounts of water to specific areas. Installing affordable technology such as rain sensors also can also shut off the system to prevent water wastage.

Choosing the Ideal Irrigation Company

Choose a professional irrigation contractor who understands the factors influencing irrigation. These include the water source and pressure, soil type, planting materials, and climate. A contractor in your geographical zone with professional accreditation’s knows the conditions, understands challenges, and relies on the most suitable materials and equipment to do the work properly.

At TGI Australia, we have over 20 years experience in the pump and irrigation industry. We are a family-owned business located in South East QLD. Our services span nationwide – we source the best quality products from all the top brands. TGI offer our customers the assurance of streamlined project management with a dedicated project manager and experienced team. www.tgiaustralia.com.au

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