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4 Reasons Why You Should Install A Water Tank at Your Home or Business

As we become more considerate towards the environment, more and more people are switching to sustainable sources to fulfil their everyday needs. Rainwater harvesting has become more prevalent in creating the need for water tanks in the home or business.

A rainwater tank is a big storage container for rainwater, which can be re-used for needs such as watering turf, plants, washing clothes, flushing the toilet, and even be filtered for drinking.

The unpredictable and ever-changing weather of Australia results in stark differences in the water supply throughout the year. There are times when water is scarce, and there are others when it does not stop pouring.

By installing a rainwater tank you can take advantage of those times by storing all the excess water that would otherwise go to waste and use it in place of billable water.

There are many great reasons to install a water tank:


1. The Money You Will Save!

Using water from the mains supply for things such as watering the grass, flushing the toilet or washing the car is wasteful as so much clean water goes down the drain. All that pure water adds up to a hefty water bill at the end of the month.

By installing a water tank and switching to using rainwater from it in place of water from the mains supply, you can significantly reduce your intake of water and reduce your water bill. Even though the cost of installing a water tank is undoubtedly enough to make you think twice, the benefits, in the long run, are worth the investment.

2. Use It When You Need It

During times when water is scarce, such as in the middle of a drought, rainwater tanks can be a real lifesaver. Having a water tank in your home or business will mean that you can utilise the rainwater that would otherwise be wasted, and continue to use water without being affected by any of the limits the local council puts on the usage of water.

3. Help the Environment

The water that comes out from your tap has to go through a long and expensive journey to get there. Using the free water, which is literally falling from the sky, is better for the environment because vital resources are freed up that can be used elsewhere.

Water is a scarce and finite resource that needs to be used carefully to ensure we do not run out of it. Storing rainwater and recycling it for your use will reduce your water consumption from the mains supply and help with water conservation.

4. Increase Property Value

Installing a water tank will make your property more independent and less reliant on outside resources. The fact that a property is self-sustainable is a big plus when you are looking to sell or rent out your house or business. The potential buyer will be attracted to the reduced utility costs. There is a high demand for sustainable homes on the market, and adding a water tank to your property will increase its value.

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