Smart Weather Monitoring Tips for Farmers

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Smart Weather Monitoring Tips for Farmers

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In the midst of bushfire season, we have come to see how unpredictable weather conditions are and the effect the weather plays on farmers and their crops. The functionality of a weather station is quite beneficial for farmers, especially during these times. Many farmers are making the smart decision to invest in weather monitoring systems to monitor the weather effects on their own farms.

While weather stations do not give farmers days to prepare for particular weather conditions, they do play a major role in determining the actual weather conditions to help with reducing the severity or damage that may be caused.

Many farmers are investing in these weather monitoring systems to help judge how they  should react to a particular weather warning. These systems will allow farmers to see how their land may be directly impacted. Which means they will be better prepared to act in a particular way.


Farmers can minimise crop loses when they use weather monitoring systems. The systems will give farmers an accurate and reliable source of information that allows them to determine if the weather conditions are suitable for the particular farm activity.

Many factors can affect crops, ranging from air and dew temperature to humidity. This is why many farmers are now choosing to monitor their own weather conditions. Successful farmers are finding great value in investing in their own weather monitoring systems. They allow farmers to manage a more successful crop production.

Weather monitoring systems have a number of benefits, including the monitoring of:

  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Air pressure

Here at TGI Australia, we offer a number of Environmental Measurement Tools that assist farmers in monitoring the environment of their farms. These tools also assist in measuring and monitoring for pests and diseases, nutrients, soil and water. We are a family-owned business located in South East QLD. Our services span nationwide – we source the best quality products from all the top brands. We source our Environmental Measurement Tools from industry leaders, including Spectrum Technologies, Mait Industries, Davis Instruments and Heron Electric.

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