To measure is to know … We are proud suppliers of Spectrum Technologies metering products. Spectrum’s range of agronomic measurement instruments are the accepted industry leader, with a full range of meters to assist in horticulture and turf management.

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Your Crops. Your Data. Better Decisions

It’s our mission to enhance the work you do by bringing you products that solve your problems and simplify managing the crops you grow.
Since 1987, Spectrum have been committed to meeting your needs. That commitment encompasses many things. We listen to you and your needs by constantly developing innovative solutions. Add to that our comprehensive range of customer support services, and you’ll find a unique partner willing to
develop actionable and cost effective plant measurement solutions used around the world.
As an innovator, Spectrum has developed a broad line of professional, quality products in the area of crop environmental monitoring, nutrient management, soil moisture measurement/irrigation scheduling and pest management.

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