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We specialise in drainage, plumbing and irrigation services

TGI Australia are a leading distributor of environmental, agricultural,
plumbing, drainage, sports turf, and related services in Queensland. We aim to become the distributor of choice for these services in Australia. 

We deal in various kinds of water pumps and pipes as well. Although we distribute a large variety of pipes, we specialise primarily in pipes that are used in the sports turf industry.

Choosing the right pump for your turf can be a tough decision, TGI Australia aims to make the process a little less strenuous. 

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We help you chose the right equipment for your property

There are some tips you need to know when choosing a pump for your facility:

  • The pump needs to be weather resistant – it should be able to withstand the blazing sun and the blizzards.
  • It should have a robust, durable, and sturdy pump.
  • The quality of the pump should take precedence over and above anything else.
  • The operating mechanism behind it plays a massive role in its operation as well as its life.
  • Most pumps work on the centrifugal principle, but some vary. Hence, you need to know the processes and working of your desired pump.
  • What exactly would be the purpose of your pump? You will use it to pump water, but what sort of water will it be? What would be the direction of the pumped water, etc.? As a general principle, dirtier the water, more the force is required to pump the water into the drainage system.

While we understand how overwhelming the whole selection and installation process can be, TGI Australia aims to make it less stressful for you. Give us a call for more information or to schedule a consultation on 07 3245 2222.

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TGI Australia are based in Capalaba, Brisbane and service customers in all industries including agriculture, industrial, sporting turf and residential. We provide a no obligation, free on-site quotes for all products and services. Please call the team at TGI Australia today on 07 3245 2222.

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