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Geoff Bennell

Managing Director

Geoff has spent more than 25years in the Greenkeeping industry, which is most of his career doing what he loves most.

Geoff moved from looking after golf courses, then in 2010 opened his first business as Turf Green which supplies and installs artificial grass into domestic, commercial and schools.

Geoff then opened his second business in 2016, as Mini Golf Creations that he builds mini golf courses and offering a NEW style and look of mini golf courses to play.

Geoff has now embarked in his third business as TGI Australia in 2017. He is changing and offering people a difference in the way they purchase products to assist with their requirements that use water in any situation. He also offers products for the golf course, councils, landscape and school industries.

Geoff is qualified in many aspects of his businesses to advise on a large variety of projects, to try and ensure the quality of his deliverables, and to nurture long-term relations with key clients, including identification of their required needs in their industries.

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