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Improve Dam Water Quality with Irrigation

It’s a fair statement to say the better the condition of your irrigation, the higher the quality of the water resources you use. Sadly, when left unattended, irrigation in dams are afflicted by the same problems as any other form of a man-made body of water, and this is not ideal for vegetation.

Building a dam to help encourage native fauna not only provides your property with more sustainable ecosystems but also helps to enhance the quality of the dam’s water, which can, in turn, promote the quality of your livestock and crop.

Here are some tips to improve the quality and performance of your irrigation dam and its water resources.

Plan the construction

Developing a strategy and exploring all your potential alternatives and taking benefit of the potential characteristics of your property is always necessary.

Start by evaluating your supply of water and deciding how to set up the appropriate source, distribution system, and infrastructure for it.

Identify your ground allocations, such as fences, roads, drainage network, the scale of dam, and area of the reservoir.

Before incorporating plant life, it is critical to have all the required facilities designed to help you locate the cultivated areas and to optimise all areas allocated to infrastructure and flora and fauna.

Install an Aerator

The process of installing an aerator to a dam is essentially the same as any other man-made body of water.

The aim of fitting an aerator is to increase the levels of dissolved oxygen inside the dam so that irrigation practices do not reduce the productivity of your dam’s aerobic process.

Not only can this extra oxygen increase the quality of your reservoir, but it can also enhance the consistency of your water resources, as oxygenated water is the ideal habitat for advantageous aerobic bacteria.

The optimal dam aerator for you will take into account factors such as your dam’s scale and complexity and whether your dam is used for sporting or other applications as well as irrigation.

Apply Biological Water Treatments

The introduction of biological water treatments can also significantly improve the efficiency of your dam’s hygiene and water. By converting critters into helpful nutrients, incorporating biological water treatments to your dam can also benefit the development of your plants.

The more oxygen you have in your reservoir, the more your advantageous species of bacteria will thrive. The biological water treatment of your dam will also promote the health of your current microbes while still producing more.

You can easily boost the health of the reservoir and of the dependent plant and animal life by carefully following these tips. They work best when introduced to the dam together.

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