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TGI Australia has over 25 years of experience in distributing irrigation products in the form of chemicals and fertilisers to domestic, commercial, sports, turf, landscape and amenity, as well as the horticulture industry.

Fertiliser and Chemicals: What’s the difference? For most suppliers, fertilisers and chemicals are the same things. However, TGI Australia understands that both the products are similar but not the same. Various chemicals are suitable for different types of plants, based on climatic conditions and soil. 

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What makes TGI Australia different?

What makes us really different at TGI Australia is our highly skilled and qualified professionals who understand that each category has its unique product range. 

We know that when it comes to plants, one solution does not fit all. Each plant is different, and requires distinctive care and needs to be treated that way. As a result, the product range that we offer for plant nutrition, protection, weed control, water-saving agents is diverse and distinctive.

We offer specialised products for the commercial as well as the domestic agricultural industry. The horticulture industry requires a different set of fertilisers and agricultural products. As a leading distributor of fertiliser and chemical products in Australia, we work with big names like Amgrow and Nuturf. 

We pride ourselves on top quality customer service

At TGI Australia, we understand the importance of chemical products and fertilisers in the life cycle of a plant, but more than that, we know the time and effort it takes to sustain a variety of plants. 

As a result, we offer nothing but laboratory tested and government approved products, all of which will never cause harm to your output. 

TGI Australia is a modern and hands-on organisation that takes pride in its customer service, and would never compromise on quality.

Our ties with a diverse range of industries says a lot about our commitment and professionalism in the irrigation industry. TGI Australia’s talented team knows how to work with different people and cater to their needs.

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