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A Guide to Autumn Gardening in Brisbane

Gardening can be a fun and therapeutic activity for many people. It not only improves the environment but also beautifies the aesthetics of your home.

Autumn in Brisbane is a lovely season, which can also be a great time for gardening. During the season, there is enough rain and sunshine, which provides an ideal environment to start planting.

Here are a few essential lawn care tips for you to get ready for gardening in Brisbane.

Prepare The Soil

Generally, you should start preparing your soil at least a week before planting. During this season, the soil is relatively warm, and there is enough moisture in the ground owing to the rain. You can mix in soil conditioners to improve its condition.

If there is a lack of rainfall, make sure that your garden is adequately watered as new plants require sufficient moisture to nurture. Experienced gardeners may use seeds, but if you are just starting, it would be a better idea to use seedlings instead.

Add Ample Fertiliser

Autumn is also an excellent time for fertilising your lawn. You need to prepare your garden for the cold winter months and help recover from the dry and hot summer season. It can also affect the nutrient content of the soil.

The fertiliser should have a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The season requires a relatively lower nitrogen content fertiliser than any other season.

Plant as Much as Possible

Many plants are suited to grow in the autumn season. Planting herbs like thyme, garlic and mint are ideal. They flourish during the autumn season and help you add flavour to your food as well!

Vegetables like tomatoes, beetroots, lettuce, and eggplants are also excellent choices. Cooler temperatures create an ideal environment for these vegetables.

Similarly, you can add some colour to your garden with the addition of flowering plants. Fresh flowers like pansies, roses and carnations can spruce up your garden and make it visually pleasing.

Lawn Maintenance

Make sure that any dead plants are weeded out. The base of the trees and shrubs should be trimmed so that no mulch is formed. If you see any fungus building up, don’t hesitate to use a fungicide. Any dead or dried leaves should also be cleaned out so that they do not block any incoming sunlight. – your turf and irrigation specialists in Brisbane.

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