Prestige 35mm

Prestige 35mm Turf is a natural looking product that provides great comfort and durability. Made from state of the art materials, you can be sure that this medium length turf will stand the test of time, even in high traffic areas. The multi-tonal yarn give this product the appearance of real grass similar to couch grass, providing an attractive, neat and hassle-free alternative at a competitive price.

Long Drive – Tee Off Grass 35mm

If you want to practice your swing, you will need to have this turf to enhance your golfing experience. This is constructed especially as a tee off grass to hit your wedges through to your driver, you can even use a 100mm golf tee in our product. This is a mono-tone yarn build for your practicing requirements. It will help you lower your handicap while you practice your swing while enduring the club impact without wearing out.

Monarch 20mm

A multi-ended UV protected turf, Monarch 20mm will outlast harsh weather conditions with minimal fading. This short/medium length turf has a luxurious feel with a natural look that’s great for walkways, stairs, backyards, patios and corporate areas. Like all of our turf, our Monarch is manufactured to our high stitch rates and meets all Australian specifications, and comes with a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty. All of our turf is completely NON-sand/rubber infill.

Pure Putt 16mm

We take putting greens very seriously, as the surface and the quality of the turf makes a huge difference in the state of play when practicing your putting stroke. True Putt is an excellent choice for surfacing your putting green, as it has a true putting grass feel, giving you confidence when you’re practicing that you can have a realistic playing experience.

Optimum 40mm

If you’re serious about your lawn area, this product is the best on the market! It is extremely soft with an extremely high stitch rate that makes it the thickest on the market. This product is a multi-tonal yarn and manufactured to and exceeds all Australian specifications; it comes with a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty. All of our turf is completely NON-sand/rubber infill.

Turf Tools

Hex Turf Repairer

This turf repairer can be used to cut hexagonal plugs of turf for easy removal and replacement.

Green Rejuvenator

  • Dint Design-Australian made.
  • Treat isolated hydrophobic areas on green.
  • Flow control unit to adjust pressure.
  • Can be used to apply wetting agents.


Hand Aerator

  • These uniquely designed aerators can be easily used to aerate small areas where compaction have occured or for aiding water percolation.
  • The standard arrangement is seven hollow tines at 50mm spacing.
  • A core collector is included.
  • If the ground is too hard for seven tynes to penetrate, there is a provision for three to be used at 100mm spacing.
  • Tyne size: ⅖” dia. x 4⅗” (1cm dia. x 11cm)


Bunker Broom

  • Australian Made
  • Aluminium curved head
  • Heavy duty matting
  • Standard 183cm fibreglass handle
  • Ideal for smoothing the top edges of your bunkers
  • Sold in Packs of 3 or 5


Turf Plugger

  • Ideal for replacing worn, damaged areas with healthy turf.
  • Tube handle can hold up the plugs thus eliminating the need for clean up.
  • Simply replace the damaged plug with a healthy plug
    from the top of the tube.
  • Replaceable cutter blade made from case hardened steel.
  • Size: 31½” (80cm) tall stainless steel tube


Foldable Dew Broom

  • Designed for fast removal of dew from green.
  • Total 10ft (300cm) width nylon brush in two halves fixed in strong aluminium bracing bracket.
  • Aluminium handle in 72″ (183cm) long.
  • Easy folding and light weight.


Dew Whipping Pole

  • The 8″ aluminium handle and extented 8″ tapered fibreglass pole provide a long reach to remove dew and other light debris.
  • The pole rests within the handle for transport then quickly extends out to a 16″operating length.
  • Tapered design allows for extension without the need of thumb screws.
  • Strong and lightweight.


Drag Brush

  • Gently and evenly spread dressing material over the green.
  • Help control thatch when used before mowing.
  • Brush extensions provide a larger sweep area and are hinged to float over uneven areas
  • Come with weight racks to reduce vibrations and to help follow undulations.


Metal Drag Mat

  • Used to spead dressing material over the green and for shaping the fairways.
  • The metal net is fully electro-galvanised.
  • Size: 60″ x 84″ (152.4cm x 213.4cm)


Coco Fibre Drag Mat

  • Spread dressing with a soft smooth touch.
  • Fibres bonded to reinforced backing.
  • Mat size: 190cm x 120cm.
  • Weight: 30kg.
  • 2.7m chain.


Level Lawn

  • The levelawn effortlessly distributes application materials, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and smoothes soil for planting.
  • Size: 30″ (76cm) Wide.
  • 68″ Handle (173cm).
  • Weight: 1.9kg


Measuring Wheel

  • This handy device allows the accurate measurements of distance across all types of surfaces.
  • Counter reads up to 10,000 meters (10kg).
  • Its is made of precision steel with folded hand grip and a plastic measuring wheel.


Stimp Meter

  • This device is designed for measuring the speed of the putting surface.
  • Made of aluminium alloy
  • Instructions included.


Curved Trimming Scissors

  • Neatly cut the edges of freshly cut holes
  • Handy, curved scissors
  • Metal construction
  • Lightweight and strong


Soil Sampler

  • This unique designed soil sampler allows you to sample root growth beneath the surface.
  • It is made from stainless steel pipe with a rubber grip.
  • Size: ⅞” (22mm) dia. x 19⅝” (50cm) length.


Soil Profile Sampler

  • The profiler slices a sample 6″ (15.2cm) long x 3″ (7.6cm) wide and ⅗” (1.6cm) thick.
  • This tools jaw are hinged at the top for easy opening and inspection.
  • Sample can be easily redeposited by keeping one side open and replacing in hole.


Leaf Rake

  • Heavy duty spring action
  • 22 style teeth
  • Fibreglass handle


Aluminium Sq Mouth Shovel

  • Aluminium construction
  • Square mouth design
  • Wooden handle
  • Ideal for top dressing


Plastic Sq Mouth Shovel

  • Plastic construction
  • Square mouth design
  • Non toxic
  • UV proof & fade resistant
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Weight 1.2kg
  • Size: 31cm (w) x 15cm (d) x 100cm (h)
  • Colours: Blue, Green, Gray, Pink & Purple


Scoop Shovel

  • These high quality aluminium shovels have specially tempered blades with straight cutting edges
  • Thick-waled fibreglass handles with vinyl grips, or with poly D-grips
  • Scoop size: 15″ x 20″ (38cm x 50.8cm)


Heavy Duty Shovel

  • Steel construction
  • Square mouth design
  • Steel handle
  • Short & long handle models